Connecting@VU: Conversations on feeling at home

Episode 3

Mirthe van den Hee looks at what is necessary for feelings of belonging and developing connections. Among others, she speaks with student association FAM about how they try to make students feel at home and with two Diversity Officers (HRM/Communication and Research) about the importance of a sense of feeling at home and good connections for professional life after VU.

About the host

Mirthe van den Hee

Mirthe studied sociology at the VU and continued her studies as a University Research Fellow. She participated in the Belonging@VU research project and started considering her own feelings of being at home at the university. Now she works as researcher and student counsellor at InHolland and concerns herself with innovation in education.

“The aim of these meet-ups is to create a platform where students with different opinions have a dialog and by doing so the students will become more aware of each other’s problems and obstacles. By learning from each other’s experiences and perspectives, the students build empathy for each other.”


Student, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

“We can learn from each other’s cultures, differences and experiences. So the whole take-way of FAM is: Instead of dividing people for their differences, we celebrate them!”


Student, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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