Who are you?

I am gea, 20 y.o., i come from italy but currently in the magic amsterdam as student of Anthropology.

What do you do in your day-to-day life?

I enjoy walking, biking and running around. Basically need a lot of fresh air in my days. other things i enjoy are reading, listening to stories and to music, spontaneous dancing.

Why are you making radio?

bombarded as we are with constant visual distractions, we forget to listen. but so many are the things to say, and to learn, and to tell that we should just start doing it more. Radio can help with this, and can be a means through which we confront with ideas, voices and music that we would otherwise have not the chance to encounter.

What’s the best song ever?

really depends on the day, the weather and the mood. at the moment, i would say ‘ballo in fa minore’ from the soungwriter Angelo Branduardi

What rarities about you are noteworthy?

i can nap anywhere at anytime.