VU Campusradio is the beating heart of the Campus. With a studio in the StudentenDok, Campusradio is located in the epicentre of the VU University. And from there, broadcasts and podcasts are produced for an audience consisting of students, employees, teachers, alumni and interested parties. But VU Campusradio also reaches an audience beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Students abroad maintain contact with their home country via VU Campusradio and the friends and family of international students who make programs also listen regularly.


The organization of VU Campusradio has now been divided into an Advisory Board and an Editorial Board. The initiators of VU Campusradio are on the Advisory Board. This board is mainly concerned with strategy, finances, the studio and technical maintenance. The Editorial Board mainly consists of students who have their own radio shows. This board is engaged in recruiting new program makers, putting together broadcast schedules, training new program makers and promoting the shows. The Editorial Board also includes a member of the Advisory Board who supports the other members of the Editorial Board.